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We realize that sometimes going to a doctor’s office can be scary for children, especially when it’s their first time to a clinic. Rest assured fear will melt away once your child steps through our doors. Exams are fun here and so are the glasses.


We’re often asked, “When should my child have his/her eyes checked?”

Our doctors recommend a first eye exam around 9 months.

If everything is as it should be, we’ll want to see them again

at 3 years of age and then prior to starting kindergarten and every year after. Over 80% of learning is visual, which is why it's important to start looking at those eyes at a young age.

And the next question is, “How can you even DO an exam on a young child?”

It’s actually quite easy. Our doctors look for all the same things as they would in adults, but modify the exam for children. There is a series of reflexes visible with the

right equipment that allows us to objectively measure

eye alignment, prescription and overall health.

We make it quick and easy for you and your little one.

Gone are the days of getting called “four eyes” on the playground. It’s now cool to wear glasses! We want to make sure if your child needs help from glasses to see their best, they are EXCITED about the new accessory and able to walk out onto that playground with confidence.

You’ll find a range of children and teen frame lines in our Wink Optical, from the classics to bold colors and styles to nearly indestructible lines

for the little one or not-so-little rambunctious person in your life.

Eyewear should be fun, and it is at Wink.

Glasses for Little Peepers

Glasses and frames for children in Chanhassen

Children's Contact Lenses

There are now many options in contact lens technology that make them safer and healthier than ever, even for children. Contact lenses provide a great alternative to glasses, which can get in the way, fall off or be broken during a flip at gymnastics, twirl during a dance routine or header on the soccer field.

If available in your child’s correction, our doctors will likely recommend daily disposable lenses. They are single-use lenses that eliminate the need for solution and cases that often carry infection-causing bacteria, making them an ultra-safe option for your child.

Corneal reshaping technology is also a great option that has even been proven to slow the progression of near-sightedness. Our doctors will design a contact lens for your child to sleep in that reshapes the surface of the eye while sleeping. In the morning vision is 20/20!

We have fit children as young as 5 years in contacts and do not have age limits at Wink. You know your child better than anyone. If you think they (and you) are ready for them, we are on- board and will take great care to make sure you and your child are 100% confident in the insertion, removal and care of your contacts before you go home.

If you are interested in reading more about corneal reshaping technology, click here to get more info.

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